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Sometime I help around in screening candidates for my team. I was going through a bunch of resumes and most of em were replete with React and Angular experience. Some of em had those 2 words in almost each sentence.

One particular resume kinda stood out (at least for me). It didn't really harp about any libraries that are in common use as of today. Instead it had a section called Personal and in there the candidate (who shall remain nameless) had listed the following items:

  • PC hobbyist

For some reason I felt this is a better candidate :)

Disclaimer: I do not represent my employer’s hiring committee nor do I represent their thoughts on hiring in general.

Music softwares, VST instruments, plugins and sampled sound packs these days seem to be promoting products that almost make the music for you. It’s certainly not marketed that way. In fact they market it as if they are depending on ‘your’ creativity to make the music. But if you actually use the products, you’ll realize that a lot of it is already done for you. The sounds are ‘Massive’, well layered, complex and beautiful. The sample packs are neatly categorized into transitions, fillins, endings, tails, intros, soundscapes, textures etc. The presets are rich and arpeggiated into multiple well thought out…

The new year began with a bang for me. Literally. Thanks to the good folks from NodeSource that organize the monthly SF Node meetup, I got an opportunity to speak at the Github HQ about 2 of the things I m most passionate about in life, Music & JavaScript! The event was managed professionally and the sound at Github was just jaw dropping awesome! I had driven there with my modest MOTU audio interface and Yamaha active monitors. When I met the Github counterpart of this event (Jacob Groundwater, Electron product manager) I said to him, “Hey you know I…

14. November 2016

MIDI specifications define middle C as the number 60. It does not state if this is on the third or the fourth octave. It just says, if you want a middle C, it will numerically be 60 from MIDI’s point of view. Device manufacturers (and software creators) are free to set whichever octave they want to the number 60. Here’s how some MIDI devices and softwares treat the number 60, in effect the middle C:

Ableton Live
Propellerhead Reason
Steinberg Cubase
Logic Audio
Garage Band
Yamaha MIDI Keyboards

Roland MIDI Keyboards
Kurzweil MIDI Keyboards

My mother has many legs
She is a caterpillar
She does not move very fast
But she sure is graceful.

She lives at the foot of the hills
With small waterfalls sprinkled all over them
Like little puddles formed after an early rain
Like the spots on a frog

She looks at the hills and remembers,
Beyond those hills lies the world
With all its wordly things
With all the sorrows it brings

‘Joy’ is such a fleeting moment
It even has a short name
It does not belong to her
It does not come by her
But she tried to save some of it for me
She tried to walk all the way for me
She took the extra step
My mother has many legs

She is a caterpillar.

Before I go into the most unique experience I had with Douglas Crockford, I want to put down the real essence of this post, which is the notes I took in the Effective JavaScript session that I attended thanks to my employer — PayPal (all employees get to attend a 3 day session with Doug as part of their job!). The most important thing I learnt in the training is the first line in my notes (the rest is secondary and you can actually skip it and move on to other things if you like).

All work you do must…

As of EcmaScript 5, closures, along with functions, are at the heart of creating modules in JavaScript. While understanding closures can take some time initially, the effort invested yields great results on the dawn of understanding of what closures are. A “closure” is an expression (typically a function) that returns an object or function along with the environment it was created in, such that it has access to the variables and identifiers from the environment, even after that environment or the function that surrounds (or closes) it, has returned.

In Indian classical music, there is a concept called Raaga. Raaga…

Adventures in finding a job and not keeping it

It was 1997. I landed a job at a place called Crosswords. I had recently married and I needed to work somewhere. I was about 23 years old. I did not know what the internet was. I did not even have an email address. Crosswords was a bookstore near Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai, India and I was appointed as Customer Service Executive.
3 big words that meant:

Stand near the book shelf and look helpful.

In most cases, it would be a beautiful day. Bach, Vivaldi or Beethoven would be playing in the background. I d find me a spot…


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