Pipleline comes to a close.

After weeks of protest, the production of the Dakota Access Pipeline was halted this past Sunday. News was given to thousands of protestors on site by U.S Army Corps of Engineers. In a statement announcing the pipeline would not receive access to cross beneath Lake Oahe, the Army Corps explain they made their decision based of the concerns of the Sioux tribe in North Dakota, along with allied protestors from across the nation. “The best way to complete that work responsibly and expeditiously is to explore alternate routes for the pipeline crossing,” the statement reads. With this news, many are feeling relieved knowing the Standing Rock Indian reservation’s water supplies will no longer be jeopardized.

With this triumphant story, many are feeling rejoiced in a politically concerning time. President-elect Donald Trump’s team recently sad he supports the pipeline project. Although many are still worried what the incoming administration plans to do in response to this current decision, many are praising current President Barack, Obama.

Bernie Sanders took to Twitter to send warm regards to Obama for bringing the process along.

While this is a step forward, pipeline protestors say they’ll take the victory, but want everyone to be cautious moving forward.

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