Kanye West and Bob Ezrin

They’re the same person.

On one side, it would benefit Kanye to understand that Ezrin is coming at him with the same passion that Kanye approaches his own work from.

On the other side, Bob should recognize their is no precedent for the silo’d and dynamic marketplace in which Kanye and his contemporaries are releasing their work in these days.

Where Bob doesn’t understand the current reality and use of these new channels in the modern artist-fan relationship, Kanye might not quite know the position from which Bob speaks.

From talking with those that have worked with both, they are both considered maniacal and uncompromising in the pursuit of their best art.

I’ll say this — I’ll bet Ezrin would have been a hell of a Twitter follow in his hay day. On the other hand, Kanye could probably be historically influential if he decided to go all in on producing a talented rock group.

You don’t think the older generation has any idea what they’re talking about until you become them, and older generations never get the luxury of having the fresh perspective that comes with living inside an evolving new movement.

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