A month ago I was in New York for the NYC Neuromodulation & NANS Summer Series conference. Like last year, I had a press pass to cover the event. But this time, I decided to wait a little bit and write the recap a month later to see what I really took away from the conference — i.e. what I still remember.

I was really excited to go to the conference because I don’t work directly on brain stimulation (lack of time, not of interest!) …

Over the past few years, we’ve seen many new consumer EEG devices entering the market. To a point where it started raising some concerns among the scientific community seeing lots of buzz in the media around “mind-control” this and “though-control” that. While many other articles talk about the basics behind EEG & BCI like this one posted recently, I will focus here only on the crowdfunding side of things assuming that you’ve heard about “consumer EEG devices” before.

The goal of this post is to reflect on the current state of consumer EEG/BCI crowdfunding space. First, we’ll look at some numbers. Second, we’ll talk about neurotechnology and emerging fields. …

Last weekend I was in New York City for the NYC Neuromodulation 2017 Conference (from Neuromodec).

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Overview of the conference

Some of the pioneers and the big names in brain stimulation were present at the conference, like Michael Nitsche, Eric Wassermann, Mark Gorge, Marom Bikson, Adam Woods, etc.

The conference focused heavily on tDCS and TMS, but addressed many fields of application for brain stimulation like epilepsy, parkinson, aphasia, cerebral palsy, cognitive training, depression, sport & performance, etc. …


Yannick Roy

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