Surviving Life after School

I may be living in a bubble. I may have no idea how life works outside of my circles. I may not be popular but I sure don’t believe in waiting for things to happen to or for me without having a thing or two to say about the.

I was speaking to the friend of a work colleague of mine who stopped by our work place and we were talking about how quite a lot of people were enrolling for a Masters Degree programme outside the shores of Nigeria. I told him, that from a personal perspective, I won’t do a Masters Degree for the reasons that most do it. A lot of people right now put in for a Masters programme because they expect to stand a better chance of getting a job after completing the programme but the truth — from where I stand — is that a Masters Degree doesn’t necessarily translate into a better paying job or even a better paying job if you don’t know what you’re about.

Many people started their lives and were made to go to school by their parents and guardians. No one person I know actually decided, at a tender age, that: I want to go to school.

I’ve also realised that the few people who are successful after going through the educational system are those who took time to discover themselves and their purpose. The thing is, if you went to school because your parents said so and you finish school without knowing what you want from life and a basic template of how you’re going to achieve this, then you could have as well spent your school fees like the proverbial prodigal son.

While the decision of going to school was made on your behalf and in some cases without even any kind of consultation from you, it is your responsibility to yourself to make the most out of the environment in which you found yourself. You need to discover what you want to be and where you want to go while mapping out a strategy for how to achieve these things.

In many cases, what you’d be after school would have little or nothing to do with the course you studied in school and instead have a lot to do with your passion, desires, hobbies and interests.

When you’re lucky, you’d find yourself already studying, learning and preparing yourself for your path after school. If this is the case for you, I say congratulations to you and if not, I say: all is not lost.

Regardless of the circumstance you find yourself, it’s your biggest responsibility to yourself to develop yourself and prepare yourself for life outside the pampered and sheltered walls of your school.

Writing all these right now, you’d think I actually practiced these things while in school myself but the truth is that I only ever took a fraction of these to heart. After leaving school I realised that I had missed out on the biggest chance I had to create a valuable network for myself back in school.

I realised that I had delegated the task of preparing myself too much to my lecturers and professors while constantly berating them for those things they failed to teach me. I realise now that I could and should have taken the bull by the horns and rectified these perceived wrongs myself.

But then again, identifying my shortcomings is indeed a good sign and a good step forward. Next is taking the necessary steps to fix these issues and plan a way forward for myself.