CNN is Blockbuster in the early days of Netflix

Whether Trump knowingly cast the bait for the intended effect is up for debate. If he did it intentionally, then we know for sure that either he or someone in his crew is a diabolical genius.

The bait of course being the CNN/Wrestling meme. CNN’s response was the absolute worst thing they could have done and will hasten their decline into irrelevancy.

Sure, the kid who created the meme had a history of posting things many would consider unsavory. That’s maybe not a surprise with a Reddit username of “HanAssholeSolo”. Hey, f*ck’em if they can’t take a joke right?

Still, we are talking about a kid. CNN, an austere, multi-billion dollar media enterprise then publicly threatens retribution. This action tells us one thing — CNN is scared.

They should be.

It also demonstrates that CNN has no clue as to how information influence works outside of their media bubble world.

The requirements for information credibility and relevancy have drastically changed over the past decade.

These kids on reddit and 4chan grew up in a multiverse of information and have zero respect for the so-called “official” sources of information.

They are free thinkers and libertarian in philosophy. These ideologies being adopted as the natural result of having spent adolescence soaked in a brine of competing ideas.

They are the hamsters that run the wheels of viral information online. The last thing you want to do if you’re CNN is step out of your bubble of manufactured credibility and start a fight with these kids.

The meme war hitherto was a noise outside of the bubble. Now the barbarians are inside the bubble. Whatever is left of CNN’s loyal base will now be susceptible to infection, or awakening if you will.

The fact that Pepe the Frog was a deciding factor in the election of Trump is evidence of the power being wielded by this faction.

CNN is like Blockbuster in the early days of Netflix. Monolithic, arrogant, rigid and brittle in their misguided self-assurance.

At this point CNN might as well rebrand to a shopping channel for boomers.

Game over.