A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him: December 4th Mass Ritual

It won’t work. Here’s why.

The picture of Trump isn’t Trump. It is the Trump reflection of the collective psyche of everyone who participates in the ritual.

That collective projection of Trump is actually the source of a growing liberal zeitgeist collective identity.

An identity that bestows upon it’s adherents an ego-boosting warrior for justice and morality (a very narrow view of justice and morality I might add).

That identity is the hidden strong force in the ritual therefore the stated intention of the ritual (to neutralize Trump) will be overriden by the hidden strong force.

In fact it will only serve to reinforce the identity which requires Trump to continue being Trump which provides the galvanizing impetus of the identity.

Not to mention you are also haphazardly inviting in all manner of astral tricksters to effect whatever outcomes they will find most amusing.

Group rituals with anonymous participants are in and of themselves risky.

You are creating astral links between yourself and any number of unbalanced individuals whose psychic energy will pollute the group egregore you are creating.

The way you get rid of “Trump” is to get rid of the “Trump” in your head.

Not much social confirmation or ego down that path though.