“Why imagine what else you would be?”
Mark Olmsted

On the contrary, I believe it is you who holds the belief that creates an extraordinarily impoverished conception of human beings.

I believe in human potential, not presupposed identity handicaps.

Case in point — you assume to think I do no practice empathy because I see little use in your identity questions game. I have no problem putting myself in someone else’s shoes and imagine how I might act or feel in similar circumstances but that has absolutely nothing to do with race, gender or sexual orientation. It has to do only with the circumstances.

I do not presuppose that someone is having a hard life because of their race, gender, age, weight, choice of toothpaste or shampoo. To automatically assign someone a life difficulty score based on any criteria of my choosing is arrogant and patronizing.

This is the primary flaw in modern liberal thinking. The left is a fuss-budget factory of social justice issues they need to solve which gives them a sense of purpose in life.

It’s not empathy though behind it, it’s arrogance. Who doesn’t love to be the champion of a downtrodden victim? The only problem there is that masses of individuals, each of them unique in their potential, get labeled as victims because of some outer characteristic such as race or gender.

Should these people actually believe this propaganda they will in fact become the victims they are assumed to be. This creates a real psychological limitation for the alleged victim class but a wonderful boon for the fuss-budget factory to continue their virtue-signaling and ego-stroking.

There are only 3 things at play here. A circumstance, a person and a choice. There are an infinite number of combinations of those with any number of outcomes.

There are rich white males who end up committing suicide (where was the privilege there?). There are black female business leaders (where is the victim there). There are gay black male murderers.

There are infinite combinations of gender, race and sexual orientation and these are only the outer ornaments of a particular person. A person is the sum total of their belief systems, their will, their dreams and habits which largely determines the choices they will make in any given situation.

So what you are proposing is that we only look at gender, race and sexual orientation and make everyone’s life about that.

You ascribe built-in limitations to a person’s life based on that criteria. You think that if other people don’t acknowledge those built-in limitations that it must mean they lack empathy.

That to me is an impoverished view of human beings.

No, I absolutely refute the idea that race, gender and sexual orientation determine the life we have. There is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

I believe in empowerment and potential. Self-determination.

Rather than telling people they are victims why not tell them they are powerful and can be whatever they wish to be if they do the work and make the right choices.

Of course you will have no one to save then but maybe it was never them that needed saving in the fist place. Maybe it was yourself.

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