Tips to be the winner of your inner fights

Hello, I am Bia. And today was a very bad day.

People know me for my resilience and positivity. I have always thought about me as someone who is not lazy, who likes to work and have some very high ambitions.

But today, when I woke up and left my bed to do some exercises, that person was completely gone. How do I know that? Well, another douchebag decided to take control of my brain and remind me of all my flaws and insecurities through the whole day long.

I am not saying I DID. What I wanna show you here is that you can easily associate my event with one that happened in your life.

I am not fully recovered yet (inner fights may take days to be solved) but I have some tips that might help you, as much as they are helping me.

1. Repeat after me: “it’s OK to feel that way once or twice”

This kind of thought can take you as a hostage sometimes and that’s OK, don’t be so hard on yourself. Loosing one day of work or school in behalf of your mental wellness may have much more benefits the prejudice. But if you see yourself lost in them often, look for a friend to talk to or someone you trust. It might help.

2. Avoid negative people

That adorable cousin who lives to tell you the last gossips from the neighborhood, your lovely sister that complains about everything from morning to dawn or even that lovely friend who just broke up: run from them. Like your life depends on it.

3. If you feel like, listen to some relaxing music, or just enjoy the silence ;)

Guess what will happen when you start listening to that depressing song that makes you even sadder? That’s right, things will get even worse. If you need to cry and you have some trouble doing that, like myself, just let that terrible song play and listen to it 2 times in a row. It will be more then enough to help you without making things even worse.

4. Inhale shortly, exhale heavily

This will take oxygen to your brain and will calm you down to the next part I am about to tell you.

5. Start a mental debate

Yep. That’s right. A mental debate. Some psychologists say that a round table with your multiple selves can solve problems quicker then just going over them over and over again. Go to a quiet place, lay down with your eyes shut and imagine the accusing self being confronted with real facts and arguments by your amazing self. And, as they say, there are no arguments against facts. Sooner or later, things will be much better and you will be free from those terrible inner voices that wants us to feel down.

I hope you liked this first tip text and I hope you have an amazing day. See you next time! Tchau ;)