Are you staying in Shanghai for a while? Wondering about what to eat and trying to Google it out? To be honest, you will probably get much better results if you know some Chinese using Baidu search. If not, then you are stuck with me here in this blog but I will be try to be as helpful as possible.

I would like to begin with the fact that I liked Shanghai a lot. It’s really a clean, organized , has an amazing public transportation network and plenty of food places. If you are not really into Asian then you…

I have been learning lately about C++11 move semantics, originally being a C programmer who is concerned with the performance it was very interesting to explore such an important optimization feature. I had to go through many articles explaining rvalues, lvalues and the && operator. I believe you still need to learn these topics to develop a firm understanding of the topic but in my point of view the move semantics can be explained intuitively by drawing the similarity between it and python’s object execution model.

The goal of move semantics is to avoid copying large objects unnecessarily when they…

I have been aspiring to improve my writing skills and vocabulary since a while ago but never really took any steps towards this goal. I think if you need to achieve something you need to do it , so I will define a goal for myself to write a biweekly 250 words essay.

This means by the end of this year I should have published 14 short articles (not counting this one)

A simple structure will suffice for a 250 words essay , it will be composed of :

  • Interesting Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

And a simple methodology will do too

  • Choose a topic
  • Research
  • Write ( Learn some new vocabulary in the process)
  • Proof read
  • Publish !

Having defined a SMART objective and a lucid approach to accomplish it , see you after 2 weeks then !

Yes you did. Probably many times too.

Unless you don’t care that much which is a blessing or Unless you are like me , I follow a golden rule that never failed me even once but on the contrary breaking this rule has always led to dissapointments, work problems , enemies created , people getting hurt .. and the list goes on. This stay-safe rule is really simple : " In any situation that you are given the option to talk or stay silent. Be silent " .This …

Ahmed Abdelfattah

A Software Engineer and an Investor. “Don't judge a man by where he is, because you don't know how far he has come”

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