Falling Sun

Source: Sunset on the beach by Mike Wilson

“Have I told you the tale of the Falling Sun?”

“Back then, when the Lands were at War, the world looked like a degenerate mess, and hope of a better future was vanquished with violence, there was the Great War.”

“On one side was the Embassy United, groups led by the Relics who believed in a benevolent dictatorship ruling the Whole World. Where all will be united in the One Banner. Where all diversity was welcome, and they claimed they can finally bring peace in the world through technology and community.”

“On the Other side was the New Babel, a renaissance of armies who spawned to oppose the communist, equality ruling Embassy United. They cited their reasons for having different Communities and Countries due to history: where when the world was united, infighting spread, and the community was forever shattered, until the Great one made the Tongues of Humans speak different languages, so the groups united based on their Expression.”

“Of course, there were other groups who were interested in this war. the Mercenaries, money hustlers, were placing their hopes and dreams in winning the big spoils in the war. The Men-Who-Remain-Unknown are a certain kind, who wield huge amounts of power, but rather not been famous, they knew the price of fame was no good for them. Nature, she was furious with all the hurt technology was placing in her, especially the Electrical Systems invented by those from Magnetica.”

“The war began at the Isle of Wales, the most humble of places, where land was flat, the water untainted by war and citizens unknowningly living their lives peacefully.”

“It was a horrific sight, when the citizens saw the two armies charging, the end was neigh for them… until the Sun moved.”

“The Sun decided to move closer, and closer, and closer, to the world. Immediately, the armies stopped, shocked, terrified that the would be scorched to death by Nature Vengeful.”

“It was a beautifully tragic sight, I must say. Watching the Hot Star burn magnificently…”

“The sun, went back to it’s original state. And the Great War was left wondering what if the Sun decided to crash into the earth, eliminating humanity, once, and for all.”


Some say the Falling Sun was the sign of Gods, to stop the Great War or else they will stop them forever.

Some say the Falling Sun was a terrific illusion created by a certain magician to trick the World into thinking the Sun was falling on them.

Few were grateful that the Falling Sun incident happened, they were glad they could go home one more time…