The Law of Retribution

“Have I ever told you, the tale of the Fallen King?”

“So back then, where the skies were blue and the grass was green, there once lived a Corrupt King.”

“A man through trickery and deception rose to the Top of the Throne.”

“It didn’t matter who stood in from of him, he did what needed to be done to be King. It involved a few murders, here and there.”

“His Subjects of Jealousy often aspire to overthrow the King. Hard not to think of that when the Hierachy of the System was ‘killed or be killed’, people wanting your position, 24/7.”

“Some wanted him dead. The King wanted wo find out who.

“Knowing this, the King gave his power to one Man.”

“A Beggar, who just happened to look like the King.”

“Now He was instructed that he only had 1 day to govern the lands the King had before he was relieved of the position.”

“Unfortunately, the Beggar was of evil heart, and stabbed the King when his back was turned.”

“Then the False King paraded the Dying Man around the Kingdom.”

“The Crowd was Glad. Glad, for they finally saw the one, who threw away virtue to pursue power.”

“Blinded by rage, the Crowd assaulted the King, tearing him Apart… till there was no more.”

“It’s like, Hell decided to take a breather and come to Earth one day to torture the Man, before bringing him back home.”

“There is little left of the Kingdom of the Corrupt King.”

“For all his Treasures he built up have scattered to all points of the World.”

“His tale tells us one important part in life.”

“The energy you send out to the world… comes back at you in multiples.”


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