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I’m extremely selective about my friendships for just this reason. Add to this the whole working mom/stay at home mom opinions (which I plan to write about this week) and you see a lot of ugliness. My friends are women who are honest and get real. The friend who rings my doorbell, hands me her 3 month old baby and goes home to hide in her pantry, and knows I totally get it and there’s no judgement. On another day, I see this neighbor unpacking bottles of Ginger Ale and boxes of crackers on my dining room table as I’m coming downstairs after a stomach flu (she had already taken my Kindergartner to school for me).

To answer your question as to why this is, I think it’s a lack of internal development. We lose so many girls in middle school — they become too aware of and preoccupied with boys and what’s “popular”, to the point of dumbing themselves down. They become too involved with shallow pursuits and deny their ambitions to pursue any natural talents they had in math, science, etc.

I started explaining this to my daughter at a very young age. She’s 16 on a science career path, and I’m proud to say does not and will not in the future give a sh*#t about a list like the one you wrote about.

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