Conclusion to app prototype

With the testing of the Bike Safety resource we found that there were a few things that could be improved to better the outcome and understanding for the users. What arose mostly was difficulty when it came to the games and it not being fully interactive which then made the games confusing and causing users to be distracted and disengage with the app. Another which happened with the font and the amount of text on some pages of the resource. The font was hard to read and was too skinny making the app not as easy to understand and navigate.

Overall it took a total of around 18 hours to complete the resource. Per hour we would expect $25 — $30 give or take depending on the task.

To conclude to be fixed would be the interactivity and the usability of the font and games within the app. The app needed to flow better at times which would eliminate some confusion with how things work and what was needed for certain tasks.

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