How to Achieve Great Job: Stepping Down The Ladder

Seems a bit ironic, but it’s not entirely impossible. Let me explain.

Sometimes we all thought that every career should be up and up for a better one. Even when you were facing a really hard problem to beat, you’ll be still thinking that must be a way to make you a better person. A test to judge how good you are. A pull on the arrow, to see how far it can go. Right?

If the answer is yes, let me ask this next question: “What if, you are just not suitable for that job?” There is always a chance that this is the case. You just don’t fit in. I’m not saying you are terrible, but it’s just not yours to do.

And what if the “it’s not yours to do” is something you just find on your new job? Something like “mentoring junior member” or “setting up the team accomplishment target” or else, as you were just promoted thanks to your achievements. What would you do?

For once, as I stated above, you would think this is a test. Or you just need to adjust yourself to this job. But for how long? One month is okay, but six months? Or even a year? Can you hold it that long?

Now you think about it. You did your previous job very well. You remember that you only need one month to adjust yourself when you were newbie. But now, you can’t hold it any longer. There must be something. What would you do?

Yes. That is right. Chance you might be climbing the wrong ladder. You see another ladder, that might be suit you more. But for climbing it, you need to step down. One for another. Until you reach the ground, and you start over again from the bottom. Will it be hard?

No. I can assure you that it’s not that hard. You already have knowledge and experience for climbing up. You know how to use your foot and hand. You understand what makes this ladder different than the previous. You already have everything you need. You just need courage to do it.

And now, do it. If you often find yourself grumpy every Sunday afternoon, or you blame your office for not giving a proper compensation, chance you might need to find another ladder. Find one, climb it, and see you on top.