React loves Formik

React has certainly made Front End development a whole lot more pleasant and has simplified a lot of complex things. Even though React makes developing client side a whole lot easier than before, creating robust forms that stand up to the needs of modern apps can be really difficult and complex.

Creating forms in React is actually pretty simple, where the pain points arise is when you need to have validation, error messages and you need to have more than one form. Using just the simple controlled form components quickly becomes verbose, repetitive and very cumbersome. …

Functions are one of the foundations of the JS language, and it is no surprise that functions have been updated in the latest edition of JS. One of the cool features of functions in ES6 is the addition of default parameters.

Default Parameters

To make functions more robust and not break when they are called without their expected parameters, we would normally add in default values in the body of the function to make sure that our function didn’t break. …

Abdi Cagarweyne

A Fullstack JS Developer, teacher and author.

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