Smartness being Sensation

Photo by Spencer Backman on Unsplash

“Any word can undergo divisible mutation of itself as each has its own life. So, like any other life form each word evolves to its context.”

The concerns for us here is the nature of ‘smart’.

‘Smart phones’, ‘Smart Homes’, ‘Smart Cities’ and of other context attached to word ‘smart’ today is formulation of technological society where our tools become ‘smart’ by extra use of binary logic. A part of our logical terminology, an underlying process, ‘smart’ fires up our neurons to that overwhelming state of logic creation wherein the facts become information and inaction-action. Though, defining ‘smart’ today is also part of ‘Jargon creation’ in marketing society which continuously exploits the multiplicity of a word’s meaning to the limit of it becoming a ‘void’, expressive of any context that we can put it into but inexpressive of itself. Nevertheless we should define and re-define these status of a word to dig deeper into the realization of its existence to our motives.

“Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language.”

It is interesting to note though that the origin of word ‘smart’ - Old English smeortan (verb), of West Germanic origin; related to German schmerzen ; where the adjective is related to the verb, the original sense (late Old English) being ‘causing sharp pain’; from this arose ‘keen, brisk’, whence the current senses of ‘mentally sharp’ and ‘neat in a brisk, sharp style’.

In this pursuit of meaning, ‘smart’ is an attribute to ‘causing sharp sensation’. In continuation to this, what is ‘Smart’ then but an objective sharp sensation, if we take ‘pain’ for instance our guiding constant to the logic of ‘smart’. Sensation is then actualization of our environment, a creation of a meta-knowledge and sharpness is our ability to feel these sensation with momentum. Though still, try imagining a sharp cut, ‘sensation’ overtakes the ‘feeling’ and objectivity becomes subjectivity. ‘Sensation’ in ways precedes ‘feeling’ though they are in same order in universality wherein ‘feeling’ is already present to a given ‘sensation’ while ‘sensation’ activates a ‘feeling’ in a feedback loop. So Sharpness that concern us here is then our inherent feeling to a sensation which evokes rapid reaction in system. A ‘smartly’ dressed person is then one who can successfully draw senses to feelings with momentum and truly so that it attracts. Though this will be a exquisite way of expressing this kind of ‘smartness’.

Here it is right to bring in ‘smart’ to our context which is ‘decision-making’ since this concerns us with subjective meaning of ‘smart’ in technological precepts. The ‘smartness’ that is evolving here is of sensitivity and of understanding. ‘Smartness’ is that inheritance within which, makes us to create or take decision by being largely involved in the kind of sensation that affects us at that point.

When Apple gave us The Smart Phone, was it a gimmick or smart. In a way it is dumb when we look back at it from this vantage point but largely ‘smartness’ was then of having a device responsive of your needs and increasing ability to function with momentum. Here as well it has been about ‘sensation’ and ability to create momentum via it.

In age of tech ubiquity, we need to grow ‘smart’ by being sensitive to the ecological precepts of our environment and then create something that can provide momentum to us as an strategic device. ‘Smart’ has been associated with logic but what, what is logic but captured in its own fallacy sometimes, so it won’t be easy to reach the limits of ‘sensitivity with heightened momentum’, but by logic. But coordinating with the logic also the kind of ‘sensation’ that we need to ‘feel’ to create ‘momentum’ is the kind of smartness that is defined here, today.

So what we will call ‘smart’, a home feeling sensations to operate within, a phone which adapts to these sensation and a city which caters to its ‘sensation’.

I have attributively picked part, where have emphasized less latter part of the meaning of ‘Smart’ which is as ‘momentum’ and ‘act’. Once ‘sensation’ is created and the ‘feeling’ resides, can not be momentum gathered autonomously. At least that will I take constant in our logical approach meddled with constraints, enough reaching to that point of logically expressing nature in meaning and then again looking beyond to what is continuous unfolding.