Unit and unity

A unit is a monad in a system in which it resides. It is hard to contemplate on individualism today as all of us are part of bigger systems and form systemic relationship from the time of origin to devolution of bodies. While looking at philosophy of Holon wherein a monad is a ‘part’ and ‘whole’ at the same time we come across the ideas of what is unit. The fundamental in a bigger fundamental. Hence we arrive at this contemplation of being a monad and it is conception of ‘self’. Any object possessing ‘self’ then is a unit. May it be ‘self’ of a tree or a stone. But the idea of a monad or unit is just an abstraction developed by creation of meta realities by us human. The monad is a concept of abstraction and not real.

This makes us arrive at the idea of ‘unity’. While unit is a myth, ‘unity’ is the fundamental truth. Unit hence is a justified truth while unity an existent reality.

Arriving at this idea of unit and unity we can now speculate on the state of ‘knowledge’ in society which is a justified truth and hence a unit. Now if I have to create picture of an existent reality what I would want is unity of these units. When unit of justified truth inter-operate we arrive at the unity. We gather then is unity of knowledge shall be our motive in understanding grasps of reality.