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Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

Wake when the moon gleams
And the spirits of trees
Dance in the night with the wind.
Dance with the night.
Bow with the breeze and laugh
With the upturned nose of the fox,
Barking her joy as the fingers
Of night caress her soft fur.
Dance with the night.
Watch with the vole that patters
Out in the darkness to fetch
The fallen crumbles of day
To feast in the starlight.
Dance with the night.
Forget you are weary and sing
With the full-throated mockingbird’s joy,
Aloft in the treetops that shelter
His carol of wonder
From careless eyes while he sings.
Dance with the night.
Or sleep with the swallows and rest
On a pillow of dreams that wrap
Like a cupped hand around the soft feathers
Of tiny things breathing the stars.
Dance with the night.

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a poem of nature in autumn

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chicory, image © 2019 the author

The chicory is newly washed with rain,
All blue and smiling. Gone is summer’s stain
Of dust and somber afternoons of heat,
When tires raise small whirlwinds from the street
To blow in clouds of white. They now have passed
To leave fresh faces in the drifted grass.
Now is the blue of sudden autumn skies,
The blooms that quiver, blow with quick surprise
Beneath the clouds that shade them through the clear
Blue sky they mirror, now that autumn’s here.

a sonnet to a butterfly

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Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

How gracefully the autumn breeze is yours,
As are the sun and all the lissome flowers
Laughing on the hilltop; autumn pours
Its wealth upon your golden wings in showers,
With it, scale by scale, imbues your flight
In all its riches of late sunshine glowing:
Tawny afternoon in golden light
And sunset soft above the blossoms blowing,
Tumbled underneath your fragile wings.
How gracefully the afternoon lifts ever
Upward underneath you; autumn swings
Below; you rest upon it, no endeavor,
Only arc of flight that pauses, drifts,
So wealthy you among sweet autumn’s gifts.

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A. Christine Myers

Lyric poet. Blogger. Grower. Maker. I love living things.💗POM-poet💗

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