The Day She Became Embarrassed with Herself

Rani came from a middle class family. And somehow her family always have cherished a well graded report card over a well-groomed child. Therefore, she grew-up taking pride of her selves of books over her clothing cabinet, she took pride discussing sciences, literature, maths, history over beauty tips. She was her family’s prized possession. Although they never forced her to get a good grade, her above average intellect always reflected in her report cards.

Don’t get me wrong, she also had lots of friends, some were equals, some were groupies and there was no gender bias. She was always a bit tom-boyish. She was always treated nicely by her friends parents. She had always found admiration in their eyes. It continued all her life.

Until one day she met her mother-in-law…

Rani does not know how it happened, slowly but steadily her mom-in-law showed her that her education does not matter. Because she does not have a fashion sense, she is an embarrassment to the family. It does not matter how equal she is in the field of work-force, in the society she still need to put on a saree, a bindi, a long hair and need to touch the feet of all the elders she does not even know. She can not wear jeans in front of the neighbours and can not talk loudly. Although she is an atheist, she need to bow down in front of god during family pujas.

Rani, who has built up all those characters by carefully choosing and deciding and debating can not give them up so easily, so she did not do any of them. She did made small compromises obviously, but she kept her way going and became a bad example of a daughter-in-law.

Rani, is a good person. Her mother-in-law is also a good person. However, Rani now feel uncomfortable in front of people thinking she is not good enough since she is socially awkward. Her mother-in-law also feel bad because she can not groom her daughter-in-law the way she wanted.

Whom should we blame here?
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