Andrew DeFrancesco has over 26 years of capital markets experience. With a focus on private equity, Andy DeFrancesco has been involved with a number of successes and turnarounds including Jamba Juice in 2010 and the original American Apparel restructuring in 2011. Mr. DeFrancesco, via Delavaco is the former Partner and Executive Director of Kahala Corp, which was sold to MTY Food Group Inc. Andy DeFrancesco has significant experience in the energy, hospitality and retail and consumer package goods sectors having founded and served as Chairman for a number of companies including Delavaco Energy Inc. (Founder & Chairman), APO Energy Inc. & P1 Energy Corp.

Andy DeFrancesco has built a career out of a knack for seeing around corners and a willingness to take risks ahead of the crowd. Those traits have led the 49-year-old serial investor, fund manager and motor-racing fan into countries and asset plays that some might view as a bit over the top, or at least highly contrarian.

There was, for example, the 2006 investment in an oil wells in drug-plagued and violent Colombia when he and his backers were doing quite well investing in the safer locales in the oil and gas fields of the eastern United States. Then, there was DeFrancesco’s bet on a tiny gold mine in Tyrone County in Northern Ireland. That particular venture sounded at the time more like the setup for a joke about chasing leprechaun’s than a serious investment.

In recent years, DeFrancesco’s commitment to both medicinal and recreational marijuana has morphed into a wide-ranging collection of private and publicly-traded companies and assets in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Last year, he became chairman and chief investment officer of SOL Global Investments, a Toronto-based company that owns a wide variety of cannabis assets, including a collection of recreational-pot cultivation and dispensary assets in the U.S., principally in Michigan, Florida, and California. DeFrancesco’s family owns a sizable share of the common stock of SOL Global.

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