A poem about ART

© Adeline de Oliveira

Art is a smile on a buttercup, a crack in the pavement trying to avoid shoes, a rose ready to explode at the spring’s face. It’s a kiss on your cheeks with a cherry lipstick, a scar on my body, making it more unique.

Art is colorful, sometimes colorblind, a black and white rainbow embracing one clear sky. It’s a blue moon tonight, tomorrow a white knight just cause magic happens.

Art is a baby foot, chubby, smooth and tiny. It’s a storm in summer, pouring and trembling. A sunbeam in winter, pushing through the clouds, enlightening the sad crowd.

Art is kissing with hands, writing words in the sand. It’s a wave in motion dancing in the ocean. A few burning candles making love to the wind.

Art is a jellyfish flying in sparkling water. It’s a bird meowing while the cat is singing. A wish flying from one finger to a flower, blessed be the ladybird.

Art is a cake perfume, traveling from the past, awaking memories forgotten for too long. It’s a tree whispering songs and sweet green stories. A river full of tears running free with no fears.

Art is not perfection but for the one whose heart’s racing when he sees it. No rules, no right or wrong, here and there, Art is just everywhere.

Thanks for reading my post !

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