What about Interaction Design?

25.02.19 Deconstructing Interaction Design

04.03.19 Perspectives of design

11.03.19 Design in the everyday context

  • Paméla Schmidinger / pamela.schmidinger@zhdk.ch
  • Sophie Anderhub / sophie.anderhub@zhdk.ch

18.03.19 Human-Computer Interaction and methods

  • Tim Fuchs / tim.fuchs@zhdk.ch

01.04.19 The experience and the user-experience

  • Tamara Trabucco / tamara.trabucco@zhdk.ch
  • Yao Liu / yao.liu@zhdk.ch

08.04.19 The question of the prototype

  • Shafira Nugroho / shafira.nugroho@zhdk.ch
  • Sonjoi Nielsen / sonjoi.nielsen@zhdk.ch

15.04.2019 Evaluation by narration

  • Andreas Bütler / andreas.buetler@zhdk.ch
  • Roman Engler / roman.engler@zhdk.ch

29.04.2019 Re: Evaluation

06.05.2019 Visual abstractions

  • Damaris Büchner / damaris.buechner@zhdk.ch
  • Fabian Frey / fabian.frey@zhdk.ch

13.05.2019 Innovation for all

  • Zoë Urand / zoe.urand@zhdk.ch
  • Andy Kirk / andy.kirk@zhdk.ch

20.05.2019 Speculative design, design, art

  • Danuka Ana Tomas / danuka.tomas@zhdk.ch
  • Yangzom Sharley / yangzom.sharlhey@zhdk.ch

03.06.2019 Teach

Meta: looking back




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Andreas Fürer

Andreas Fürer

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