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The Office Guy commented that you should first identify a motivation: why do you write? I’ll be straightforward: the only base you need to start writing on is a motivation. Strictly following a certain author is a path I have adamantly abolished in my writing. I am not a professional to give advice, but I can offer my personal method and perhaps then you can decide. To me, I never followed the path of brand loyalty, whether it is in writing or, indeed, life decisions and propensities. I read to many authors, in many topics, and in many styles. Why? Because I believe that originality is not what society makes of it; it does not come from a blank sheet, but a product of everything that accumulated in the original creator. It is much better to not bond oneself to a specific author and BE the author. Rather, read to anyone, in whatever topics you want, and, when it comes to writing your own, simply be YOU. Write as YOU, and not any other author. People who have read my writings in the past have repeatedly singled out that one aspect that overshadows any possible flaws: the fact that I write as me. The influence of others’ styles and opinions clearly manifests itself in my writing, but it is ultimately my style, my way. And this is actually a great method for you, I believe. Read Gladwell. Read Maxwell. Read whosoever you wish to read for. You clearly have an ability to capture and apply an author’s style; simply take all those styles you read and bend them to your will and mix and paint them the way you want to create your very own, distinct piece of writing. That’s all I have for you. Take all that you know and read, and blend it together to produce your very own style. I hope this works for you.