Once Upon a Time

There Lived a King in an Ancient Land.

Over a Period of Time

His Kingdom Had Devolved into Total Disarray.

Godowns were Low on Grains,

Trade Was in Decline,

Subjects Were Unhappy and Poor,

And Enemies Were Ginning Up for War.

The King was Paranoid and Felt Betrayal in the Air

“Why,” He Wondered,

“Should These Adversities Happen to Me?”

“Find the Wise Sage,” he Ordered.

“I Once Met This Special Being in the Forest

Who Seemed to Know It All

From the Movements of the Stars

To The Nature of Men.

Maybe He will Know…

What are Knowledge Networks?

Some of the biggest success stories in the last two decades of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 have been Knowledge Networks — Companies that make knowledge more easily accessible through Curation, Ranking, and Matching.

Curation assembles information through crawling/automated discovery and/or crowd-sourced actions and contributions.

Ranking scores each piece of information to assess its intrinsic value to users. It takes into account multiple types of signals and updates it dynamically over time based on actual user behavior.

Matching makes it easy for users to access the knowledge on-demand through intelligent matching against explicit and implicitly stated user needs and intents.

Once Upon a Time, There lived a Man
Who Took Everyone for Granted

When he was young,
his parents would service his every need
but he wanted more.
More Toys. More Chocolate. More Vacations.
Not a word of gratitude ever escaped his tongue.
“It was their job,” he intoned
To take care of their only child.
They would need to do a lot better first
before expecting thank yous.

The Me-Me Man went to college,
And found a lovely girlfriend
She tried her damndest to impress
But our man would not be. …

Once Upon a Time in a Far Away Medieval Land,

There Lived a Dance Teacher in a Quaint Little Town.

She was a Unique Being for She Was Like No Other.

Every Place She Danced Would Come to a Stand Still.

It was Almost Like She Had Merged into Movement Itself

And Dissolved into the Dramatis Personae.

She Taught Dance to Aspirants

Not Just as a Skill

Not Just to Perform and Glow in the Aftermath

But to Transcend the Mind

and Lose Oneself.

Only the Ones Who Truly Yearned

And Those Who Sought with Sincerity

Could Aspire to be…

There is no Disinfectant like Sunlight
Bright is Harsh, but Illuminating

Darkness Feels Cool and Private,

Even Liberating

Until you Realize the Rot Set in the Day the Light Receded
And has been Building up Heavily ever since.

Hot and Transparent Beats Cold and Opaque
Every. Single. Time.

In Running Companies.
In Personal Relationships.
In Government.
And In any Endeavor involving Human Minds.

Insulation from the Glare of Truth
Breeds the Worst in Us Humans.
Only the Plain Truth
Spin-Less, Simple, Unmistakable, and Clear
Can Set You Free
To Reach for the Skies.

PS: Sounds of Truth is a series of stories and poems reflecting my random observations on life. They are loosely inspired by a constellation of real world experiences and fictional stories, and do not refer to specific people or situations.

The Netscape Browser in 1995 made the Internet (which had existed since the 1970s) go mainstream.

What could be the equivalent of the Browser for the decentralized internet in terms of similar impact? Is it a wallet, a dApp Browser, or something else altogether?

We believe it might be the Agent.

But…what the heck is an Agent?

An Agent in the normal world is “a person who acts on behalf of another person or group”. In our context, it is software that seeks to provide agency for the user with the following characteristics:

  • It is owned and operated by the…

The Pulse protocol is a new way for organizing economic activities related to discovery and marketing (lead generation and nurturing) in the Web 3.0 decentralized landscape.

The Pulse Protocol, in its simplest form, allows a potential buyer for a high value product or service — say Software, IT Services, Marketing Services, Financial Services, or Insurance — to cast a purchase intent and in return, receive messages (quotes, information, and advice) from multiple sellers or experts who can help resolve and fulfill the intent. …

While there are many different ways to think about what blockchains do — ranging from the hyper-technical to digital money — there is value to reverting to an utilitarian model and think of each blockchain as doing a specific type of work.

In this model, every blockchain is a P2P mesh or network that strives to organize economic activity related to the work. Multiple people or entities who do not know each other can become a part of this P2P network to either offer money for work or make money by doing work. Note: “Blockchain” here refers to application protocols…

“Job to be Done” Applies to Blockchain and dApps just as to Traditional Startups

I was at the Token Summit and Consensus Events in New York earlier this week and if one were to create a tag cloud of words you heard the most as you walked the floors, “decentralized” would be the biggest and boldest one. And by some distance.

But what is a decentralized app exactly? And do end-users really care?

Truth be told, most users of consumer and enterprise software could not care less about the “decentralization” jargon. You can almost see the haze descend on dazed faces when people get assaulted with a decentralized “something” pitch.

But users’ outlook can…

Belying its name, the domain of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has never really been about looking out for the customer.

The CRM game was, and still mostly is, optimized for supplier outcomes — be it call deflection, the cost of service, sales productivity, sales effectiveness, marketing ROI, etc. It would be naive to argue that the primary focus has not been overwhelmingly on solving for the costs, revenues, and profits of the supplier.

While that is perfectly understandable in a capitalistic market, the Supplier-First or Me-First model is also a surefire way to get disrupted and lose market share.


Anandan (AJ)

Co-Founder/CEO of Consensys Ventures backed Pulse Agent | Advisor to Fortune 500 Companies | Writing on Digital Transformation, Startups, Culture, and Life

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