How close was your experience in Brazil to what you had expected before going on the trip?

There were somethings that my expectations were correct about but not necessarily for the right reasons. For example I got the warmness of the Brazilian people compared to my experience with people in the U.S. . Most every Brazilian I hung out with especially Hugo from Capoeira, Caroline in Curitiba, and Claudio from Mackenzie. They were all so welcoming and happy to help. It may just have been the people I met but generally I felt like most people were just warmer.


I hear my phone buzzing it’s a call from Sarah. Where are you? I look at the time it’s 7:22 my alarm never went off. I rush to put on clothes and run down stairs. Have to make it have to make it. I’ve been amping my self up for what is about to happen.

I run down stairs grab some breakfast and then we are out the door ubering to our activtiy for the morning.

Hang gliding.

The tension was building as we drove over we were all excited but nervous. We get there and start checking in. Everything…

We started the day by heading over to a trolley that would bring us to Christ the redeemer. We waited in line and got ready to go. Renato told us the best view was in the left-side of the last car so were scrambling to get seats there. I got one and I’m happy I did the views on the way up were breath taking.

4:52 am I hear David calling my name that we have to get up. My alarm never went off and the bus leaves in 8 minutes.

It was a race. I threw everything I thought I needed into a backpack grabbed my leftovers from the fridge and ran downstairs perfectly on time to get on the bus and go back to sleep.

I don’t remember much from the drive up to Angra but in the last 20 minutes I was awake and got to see some amazing scenery while I ate my leftovers for breakfest

It all started with a bang!

I awoke really confused with what was happening. Looking around it started to settle in the pitter patter of rain outside.

After being in Brazil fro 26 days we had our first rainy day.

It woke me up kind of early but it was really nice to go downstairs and have breakfast while hearing the pitter patter. Thankfully it didn’t last long since our first activity of the day was a boat ride around the bay.

We then headed over to the dock The first thing I noticed since this was the first…

This one may end up being the shortest blog yet. It has been a long day with not too many exciting things happening.

However I did capture something amazing I had been hoping to get on camera. The skies in Brazil are incredible. Like out of this world.

The day started with us going back to the Itaipu neutral zone

However, not back to the dam but to a college that temporarily has its campus there. We were there to speak with some students with the university and have a small exercise simulating the United Nations Climate talks. There were a few students there and the exercise was interesting my group was China and doing some research about the countries energy situation was very interesting. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time but it was still a good opportunity to learn.

We then had a lecture from one of…

These blogs have taken a little bit of a delay. Thus, on this 3-hour bus ride I’m going to try and catch up. I’ve been falling behind due to a feeling on missing out. Since we leave Brazil soon I feel as though I have to do as much as possible and writing the blogs to the standard I want hasn’t fit in that schedule. Thus, these may be slightly shorter, but I hope to capture everything that has happened.

The start: We headed over fairly early to an odd area. It’s a neutral area between Brazil and Paraguay and…

Today started a little oddly there were two options one was to go skydiving and the other was to go to a bird sanctuary. I opted for the bird sanctuary as well as 7 other people.

We headed over to the bird sanctuary I was a little tired but decided to do this since just sleeping in felt odd since were actually getting close to then end (1 week left :((( ).

The purpose of the park is to rescue birds who have been put into bad situations like smuggling and if they are ready treat them and release them…

Todays breakfast: The food at this place is really good feels home made and welcoming. The bread is pão do quiejo and the fruit was papaya the perfect way to start the day.

After breakfast we headed straight over to the falls

Jason Brooks

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