Weird Vitalik NFT collection announces the release of exclusive Non Fungible Art Tokens of Vitalik Buterin located inside the Blockchain rocket!

WeirdVitalik NFTs

Weird Vitalik is a new NFT project where algorithmically generated unique digital pixelated images of Vitalik Buterin — the founder of Ethereum blockchain. This is the first project where non-fungible tokens are located inside the rocket and fly in the blockchain universe! 🚀

The supply of WeirdVitalik (WV) is fixed and the ERC-721 contract is deployed into the Polygon blockchain network to prevent paying high gas fees. The number of WeirdVitalik can never be more than 3,744. Each Vitalik is non-identical. They all have different traits like background and skin colors, mouth and headgear accessory traits, etc. This makes each of them completely distinguishable from each other. Some of them have extremely rare attributes. Every NFT has these trait attributes:

  • Background (8 colors — Yellow, Red, Purple, Pink, Peach, Orange, Cyan and Baby Blue)

The digital rocket has 10 different block sectors where all WeirdVitalik NFTs are located:

Weird Vitalik NFT — Digital blockchain rocket flies to the moon

1st block sector — Nose Cone where only Elite NFTs are located and have Vip Class seats.

2nd block sector — Forward Fuselage where only Crew NFTs are located and have Business Class seats.

3rd & 4th block sectors — Mid Forward Fuselage where only Passenger NFTs with yellow and red backgrounds are located and have First Class seats.

5th, 6th, 7th & 8th block sectors — Center Fuselage where only Passenger NFTs with purple, pink, peach and orange backgrounds are located and have Standard Class seats.

9th & 10th block sectors —Aft Fuselage where only Passenger NFTs with cyan and baby blue backgrounds are located and have Economy Class seats.

WeirdVitalik NFT — Rocket seats.

NFTs are available to mint on the official website. Weird Vitalik collection can be found on (

Mint price for one NFT is set to 25 MATIC (0.01 ETH).

Will you get a seat in the blockchain rocket and fly to the moon? 🚀 🌝

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