Responding To Life: Carpe Diem!

Life is a hard thing to figure, we cannot comprehend it. There is a point in every person’s life when he stops and asks himself: What is life? Most of the time our answer to the question is put to a hold because we are lazy to answer it or, it’s really because it is a hard thing to understand. Though we cannot understand this very mind boggling thought one thing is for sure: LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. It is what you do with your life that counts. It is how you use it for the good of others instead of yourself; getting out of your head, thinking out of the box, and doing things you have never done before. Our life can either be the best story ever written or the decision we regret every day. I’m not saying you have to get famous, get money, and get glory, but our lives can either be used for change in this unsettling world or another contribution to this world’s ever growing problems.

For as long as I can remember, my life is a never ending rollercoaster that never is simply flat but is always up, down, upside down, or in a loop, but that did not stop me. I kept moving and I know that at the end of this trail, my life will leave a legacy.

Your legacy is not measured by your name, fame and reputation, but it is measured by what you have done that counts; What you have done that makes a difference little as it may be. If you have made a good impact even in one persons life, you have left something beautiful. You can say that your life is going the right track that life is one step closer to becoming greater.

Life is not fair. You don't always meet your wants and your needs. So what do you do? You don't just sit down and do nothing. You don't just stare and act like you can't do anything about it. Do what it takes to persevere to finish the race you have started, not only to finish it, but to finish it strong. God has given you eyes so you can see what's ahead of you, the adversities that are always ready to pull you down. He has given you your mind for you to plan on how to defeat your fears and anxieties. He has given each one special skills that help us conquer the daily battles of this life; all we have to do is to use it to our advantage. It is not easy, but that's the point. You don't expect life to be easy, to always go your way. No, in fact life will bring you down the moment you put your guard down. We need to strive. We need to persevere, knowing that it will make us beautiful.

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