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Sharan kumar
Oct 20 · 1 min read

I am becoming a machine learning engineer but to be part of an organisation working on machine learning application i must have knowledge of packages like SQL, Django, Flask etc.,. Given i am mechanical engineer it is difficult to keep up with advancements in machine learning let alone the other stuff.

I recently completed first few lessons in mooc(Highly recommended for anyone starting in data science) and created my own VMC vs CNC image classifier using google colab(I have to write a separate blog about the problems while doing this next). I got a accuracy of 90% in the first time without any tweaking of my own. I used this to apply for a job and got selected for programming test. But could not complete as i had small surgery that week and i did not know django back end. I will try that problem and will post a blog about it as well. Regarding the job i am now focusing on completing few of my own projects and having some fun.

My writings will mostly focus on my learning ML as someone from non computer science background, the challenges and what i did to overcome them. This series will be based on, other tools i will need to create better ML models and execute them.

Be kind. Be persistent. Sometimes be angry ;)