3+3 tips 2 months before Black Friday/ Cyber Monday — Part 2 | Yusp Personalization as a Service

Really captivating hero images both build your brand and emphasize the holiday season offers. Source: TOMS
Source : www.pexels.com

2. Clear Value Proposition as a Competitive Edge — and it must be separated from the airy-fairy storytelling

Why should I choose your shop instead of the other one? — the recurrent question in the mind of a typical non-committed customer. They comparison even after they are committed, but a few, even very slight negative effects put them off the track.

3. Use different messages to different customer segments

To intensify customer retention and blow up your BF/CM conversion use behaviorally segmented personalization: If X arrives on your site from an organic search and looks for speedminton rackets adjust his promoted recommendation boxes to feature speedminton balls and clothes not tennis tables or bike lamps.

+1. Be Proactive And Relieve their „decision fatigue”

A recent study based on Mark R. Lepper and Sheena S. Ilyengar s experiment has proven that customers given a smaller amount of same-category product have higher subsequent satisfaction.

Reducing the abundance of choices sets free lots of mental energy that can be used elsewhere. Decreasing the decision constraint has another, very pleasant corollary: feeling relieved. ( Sources: Shopify, Dailymail.co.uk )
( source: Statista )

+2. Don’t Forget your Mobile Profile

Mobile customer numbers has exploded in the recent years. Are you prepared?

You should have an eye on making shopping easier with crafting simple interface and plain fonts. Leave an extended space for the CTA-areas so users will be able to tap on them easily. Don’t go into vague phrasing and detailed explanations about the product, focus on what and how.

Are you ready for the customers arriving via mobile? ( source: Statista )

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Andras Marcel Marko

Andras Marcel Marko

Content marketer and researcher for Netflix-Prized Yusp. Social simulation researcher: Personalized or “Deep” TV Series, “Create your own Lego Experience”