Airbnb flawlittles

A few frictions and slight pain points discovered after a quick test made by a certain city Airbnb host meetup participants.

The research I conducted with 10 participants took place in May 2017. All the participants have been using Airbnb for 1–3 years and all of them had stalking, non-formulated, uncomfortable issues with the desktop surface.

Fictional test to-do-s:

1.Log into Airbnb / desktop surface

2. Check your messages, because you have to answer a few guests you are going to host next month.

3. Check your upcoming reservations because you want to keep them in mind, not only in your calendar.

4. Write to your guests arriving tomorrow : send them customized directions how to get to the apartment from the airport.

Step 2: ( checking messages )

All the 10 users shared the opinion that the messages container should deploy a “more recent-centered” ranking: 7 of them would have liked to see the “unanswered- reservation” category messages first, 3 of them would highlight the “generally unanswered” most recent messages on the top of the list.

Screenshot 1. As we can see in our screenshot, the non-actual messages still on the top of the list, however the user has received dozens of newer requests and inquiries since then. ( the messages: 1. someone asked around an availablity, 2. Someone has found another host or cancelled her trip 3. Someone who has been refused by the host— all the 3 inquiries are out of date! “Why does Airbnb think important to keep all this in the users’ mind?” ) To find the most recent hence most important messages the users have to click on the „view all” link >see Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2

Following the testers’s recommendations I made the alternations below:

Recommended 1 : the “newest or upcoming guest message container” and the “other message container” ranked below each other

Step 3. Checking upcoming reservations

The testers usually expect the most urgent or most actual reservations to find in this list…

.„Why do we have the out-of-date reservations on the top of the list?” - ( The test date was 25 May, but the among the upcoming reservations they could see reservations that didn’t even materialized and reservations declined in April or earlier. )

Screenshot 3: entering into my reservations I want to check my upcoming reservations not that ones I declined months ago

„Why do they make me perplexed with wanting me know about the expired and declined reservations? I want to keep in mind the upcoming ones.”

Half of the testers would double the header menu of this window

Recommended 3: Upcoming reservations and all reservations can be split in the header of the reservation list.

The other half of the testers recommended that the reservations should be filtered by simply clicking on the status: ( declined- accepted- canceled )

Recommended 4: With a click the the reservations can be grouped

To get to the surface where the users can really see their upcoming reservations, they have to click on the dashboard menu row.

6 from the 10 users filed demands with this surface too:

Screenshot 4: User expectations , dashboard: “ we’d like to know the dates first of all !” ( why notifications came first about the missing reviews, and why my listing comes next — the reserved dates came in the third container
Recommended 5: put the missing notifications under the hosting summary container. The „my listing” container could be placed in a row, just under the more imporanat reservations container. The boldest and best -visible container must be the reservations container.

Step 4. — sending a message to the next guest who is going to check in the apartment tomorrow

„Why cannot we see the saved messages in the header of the message container?”

Screenshot 5: However Airbnb offers a fine feature to save messages to craft message templates, 7/ 10 users would like to see this option on the top of the message list, among the messages-grouping options.
Recommended 6: “saved templates” — if I want to send warm greetings to my guest along with some hints how to get to my place to the airport.
Recommended 7: Typing a message — text area might also should have the feature to be saved as a template.