I really wanted to create stylish, sonic, music and play techno beats but…

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I absolutely love creating and mixing loops and melodies to produce
rhythmical sounds. I am not a pro but do enjoy catchy beats, powerful
sound effects and harmonizing cords.

Just recently, my 7-year-old son found an app called Drum Pad Machine
(DPM). I listened closely while he innocently played a recognizable tune,
sounding much like classical notes from an old piano! Wow! Did he have
a natural talent, or was it the app? I realized he was playing along to a
commercial for the ‘Magic Tiles’ application. …

Ontology, Taxonomy, Choreography and more…

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Imagine yourself in a huge shopping mall and it is your first time there. You start looking for your favorite retail store in order to purchase a brand named, black t-shirt. What a challenge! First thing you’d normally do is to ask someone or walk to the Information Desk. Now you usually follow their verbal guidance while browsing the mall’s signage; Food Court, Clothing Retailers, Parking, Escalator, Exit, Level 1, Level 2 and so forth. All those visual pieces of information are part of the building’s Information Architecture. Information Architecture (IA) is “the practice of deciding how to arrange the parts of something to be understandable”, according to The Information Architecture Institute. …

Reflection point: Assumptions and failures

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Yik Yak was a US social media smartphone application that was successfully launched in 2013. It was available for iOS and Android and it simply allowed people to create and view any discussion threads as well as responsive ‘votes’ within a 5-mile (8 km) radius (termed “Yaks” by the application).

The app was trending in schools and campuses, often used for general gossiping and sharing last-minute events or social updates. Along the way founders Brooks Buffington, Tyler Droll, and Will Jamieson raised $73.5 million from eleven investors. Less than one year after its launch, Yik Yak’s valuation was an astronomical $400 million. …

A rapid design thinking exercise.

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It is a Rapid Design Thinking exercise which will help us to understand the methodology at a larger scale. It’s a great way to view our processes and see how we would tackle given problems.

I remember when I first used an ATM. It was my mid-school years when I was around thirteen years old. I went to the bank with my dad and opened a savings account, and instead of giving me an ATM card, they handed me a piggy bank! I questioned this process and became very disillusioned. …

What are we looking for when it comes to the product choice?

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Oh no, I start the day again with a disturbing buzz at 04:44 am. Beee, beee, bee beep! Snooze it for five minutes and then again … and so on. After several snooze attempts, I finally wake up at 05.30am. This is how I meet my lovely smartphone in the early morning, although I somehow missed hugging a loved one. What a shame you might ask?

This is not uniquely my story. It happens all over the world, every day. Did you know that 79% of smartphone owners check their device within 15 minutes of waking up? Yes indeed, good products can create habits. Can’t we wake without relying on smartphones? I don’t know about the research, but from my personal experience, trying to wake up without one didn’t work for me. So, yes, I need my smartphone to wake up. But, does it solve my problems? The answer I think, is yes. The product I am probably addicted to is somehow solving world problems. Products create value in our lives either by alleviating problems or creating gains. When complex things become simpler and more predictable, then surely, this is a win. …


Matt Bulbul

Hello! I am a designer focused on UX/UI design, visual design, and branding.

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