I Wonder [1]

I often wonder…

My friend just posted about a lucky find while dumpster-diving. It was a gorgeous banjo — still partially tuned, even.

But who would throw out a banjo? It could be something mundane and frustrating, like it got stolen and then tossed aside before the police caught up with the thief.

But what if someone threw it out on purpose? Maybe there is a tragic backstory. Perhaps a member of someone’s family used to play the banjo, but they died and the person who was left behind could not stand to hold onto the instrument because it brought them too much sadness. Or the person received the banjo as a gift from a significant other and they broke up in a terrible way, forcing them to abandon the banjo. Or, or… The person just tried to be a banjo musician and had a humiliating experience, so they tossed out the banjo from sheer frustration. Maybe they just got home and realized their mistake and rushed back to the dumpster to rescue their musical partner, only to find it gone. Gone forever.

…I wonder

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