There Is A No Size-Fits All Platform, That’s Why While Fat is Here.

Amanda McCullough overlooking Ancona, Italy on a Ferry to Split, Croatia

I’ve lost track of the amount of time’s I’ve had to search FAQ of various businesses to help answer what to me seemed like a simple question but was completely missed. When I emailed getting more specific, I was often met with stale or ignorant responses but most times, they didn’t really understand what I was trying to ask.

When that didn’t work, I turned to review sites and would spend hours scanning pictures and or using keywords to get any other perspective that I needed. There are things that when you travel while fat you just have to know, which is why I would like to introduce you to While Fat. While Fat is the ultimate resource for fat and plus-sized travelers to make informed decisions before booking their travel plans with confidence.

While Fat is a community-driven platform curated by fat, and plus-sized travelers around the world who have vetted the experiences, places, and transportation for you. No longer will you have to spend hours trying to find out the answers that you have while fat:

Will I need to buy two seats?

Will the harness fit?

What is the pace of the hike?

While Fat’s mission is to empower you to start saying yes. When I have knowledge and the confidence I found myself zip-lining through the jungles of Thailand, climbing 272 steep steps of Batu Caves in Malaysia and hiking the paths of Blue Ridge Mountains and more. I want to allow every person to feel confident in saying yes, no matter what their size is. I believe the best way to accomplish this is by creating a platform with all this information in one place, written by people who understand and can answer any unique questions that you might have.

While Fat is in beta and we are currently searching for people to be among the first While Fat reviewers before we officially launch. Have a look at our website and join the community today!

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