I thought of an example of this kind of thinking re ‘invasives species.’
Jeremy Puma

I think the question of invasive species is an interesting one and there are certainly value judgements to be made (for instance in the eradication of feral goats on the Galapagos to save unique native flora — I can see a few coherent opposing arguments there). That said, is it always possible to work with some species when they expand their range into new areas? I’m thinking for example of the brown tree snake in Guam, which has utterly devastated local avian biodiversity and collapsed the various mutualistic relationships which previously existed. Is there a way for a species such as the brown tree snake to live on Guam if we also want surviving bird species?

Tree snake paper here if it’s of interest: http://www2.cedarcrest.edu/academic/bio/jcigliano/consbio/BrownTreeSnake.pdf