Das Traumhaus

We, humans, were born to adapt to its surroundings. Since the dawn of civilization, it has been implemented in our ancestor’s mind that we should “Adapt or Die” and “Change or Die”. It is the life’s rule of thumb in order to survive. One of our basic capacity, besides love or to be loved (which I’ll get to that topic later), is our talent to build things. The only purpose of life is to give a contribution to society. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small or big. Think about criminals or peoples in the mental institution. Sometimes in our real world, we perceived them as a virus, a resilient one. Corruptors, for example, who embezzled tax to benefit themselves, or a schizophrenic person, who heard whispers in their head to commit something savage. What’s a social function in that? That’s why, those peoples are taken away from society, to give chances to another group of people in giving the contribution to taking care of them. When a person gives a huge contribution to the civilization, it’s called a legacy.

I wrote this to prepare my own legacy. Prior to the modern age, our great-great grandfather once lived in a cave to find shelter against cold, rain, & harsh condition. Then, they learned how to build their own cave. A cave made of wood, brick, soil, until the fabricated materials, we always find a way to build a home, and it shows our own capacity to build. But building a cave was impossible without ideas and ideas came simultaneously with dreams. Dreams are constructed by imagination and once Einstein said :

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination — Einstein

I have a dream of my own house. In the last few weeks, I have made myself busy designing my future home. The first thing I did was to determine my needs and my own wishes. After a couple of hours of brainstorming, I finally came up with these ideas:
- A Library, with a huge bookshelf. It is obvious because I am a voracious reader
- A Dining Room that next to a small garden in the back of a house
- A small but lovely kitchen which has a window in front of the sink that leads to the garden
- Specific room for wardrobe storage, just like TOTO wardrobe
- A Garage for my dream car
- A living room full of light, I love light that floods in my wooden floor

After defining the specification, I draw the floor plan draft in Visio. I want a house that stretches from left to right, which was inspired by a guesthouse from a multinational company in East Balikpapan. The guesthouse has an unconventional design unlike the common public house and its influencing my design mostly. The complete floor plan is measuring at a width of 11,916.4 meters and length of 17 meters. The height of the house from the ground to the ceiling is 3 meters high and the height from the ceiling to the central ridge of the rooftop is 2 meters. The square footage of the house is circa 204 square meter.

Then, the most interesting part of the design process is how I projected the design in 3D form. Let’s not be focused in each development process, and the result can be seen as below:

Initial Sketch in Visio

As you can see from my Visio drawing, I plan to have two story house. In fact, I decided to take out the second floor to focus realizing the specification I have described before.

Front, Back, Side, and Aerial View
Floor Plan

This is the finished floor plan. You may notice several altercation, mostly in the living room and in the study room.

1) Bedroom and Wardrobe
The Bedroom is simple with just a king-sized bed and a dressing table for my future wife. Still haven’t thought about other furniture detail. This room has single window as a source of light and two doors leading to living room and wardrobe

2) Living Room
I have to confess that this is the second most fun room to design. On the internet, I stumbled upon some furniture that actually represent my ideas. The huge bookshelf that has a hollow space is the one that I loved the most. It’s a perfect container for my books, dozens or hundreds of them perhaps. The hollow wall space leads to study/dining room. There is also a table made from lego, portraying the fun of the living room. Also, there is an IKEA Mamut chair. This cute-tiny-chair is dedicated for my unborn child, Sofia, so she can play, read, or watch the cartoon in this room.

3) Dining & Study
The dining room was inspired by a movie, the little prince, where the protagonist lived in a house and it has the dining room with sliding door to the backyard and not being separated with kitchen. I also added the element of the guesthouse that once I visited as an inspiration that has windows direct to the garden. I also moved the piano from living room to the study next to the working table. It has an antler mirror above the piano. Wall across the table will be added some vintage posters, as seen in the pictures.

4) Kitchen
This is the part which I loved the most. For me, the kitchen is the source of life because the food came from this lovely place. As the initial plan, I did build a sink that has a window in front of it. The window leads to the garden, and can you imagine while you are preparing a dinner and at the same time, you can watch your wife or your children –Sofia and Meutia- playing in the garden? It’s adorable. Between the kitchen and dining/study is separated by a white storage and three-story wooden shelf. There’s a door that leads to the garage. The kitchen’s floor is using tiles to make it simple to clean.

5) Toilet
The toilet is also inspired by the guesthouse. It has a simple layout with a bathtub in the corner end. Above it, there’s a small ceiling to let the light come in.

6) Garage
The dreamhouse is not impeccable without dream toy — a car. For me, I wished I have a Volkswagen New Beetle. It’s very cute to have one. The garage has two storages to store hardware tools and a bicycle.

7) Garden
The last part of the house is the garden. I want to have a garden in my retirement age because I would like to spend my time gardening. There are two trees on each side of the garden to prevent direct heat and radiation from the sun coming to the house.

From all of the room layouts, you may notice that almost each room has windows on it. I made that way, so I can maximize the natural light while minimizing the use of light bulbs during the day. I also built ventilation above each window in order to gain natural air circulation and preventing me using an air conditioner.

After my model was done, one of my colleagues asked, “Where is the swimming pool?”. I replied, “I think it’s quite expensive to have one”. He added, “Well, it’s quite expensive to have one”. He said, “Well, it’s a dream. Why not?”. This dream house was built for my newlywed phase. After that, if I had one, then it’s time to renovate and expand.

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