Code reviews, even when couple of people reviewing code, will still cost less then full-blown pair…
Sceptical Meerkat

you cant review code that you dont understand if i add some additional coefficient to the formula people should understand what is it, why we use it, and why i added this new param. To do this they should read task, then read all the corresponded code, then understand all of this and make a review. Without this it just reviewing for typos and that’s all.
Another thing it’s if even you understood this part of code that you not working on all the time, so in most cases you just forget it and on second review you will need to read all the code second time.
All this not time and quality efficient.

About CI & CD i agree in most cases it will give fast result but not quality and user oriented. So i think software versions is better, cause it guarantee that all needed features was added and tested.

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