Breath of the Wild Hard Mode Wishlist

On the subject of food:

When you pick a meal out of your inventory, instead of healing you for 2 secs in real time, you would instead hold it like you would when picking a weapon. When you press, say, the attack button, you would then start gradually eating said meal. The time it takes to eat the meal depends on its size (10 secs, 30 secs, 1 min, etc). Your health would gradually heal as you eat and buffs would only be applied when the meal is fully eaten. While you’re eating, you’d be completely defenseless and unable to attack but would still be able to move, meaning you’d be running around like a headless chicken while trying to eat. The smell that emits from the meal would make enemies more aggressive, the level of which depends on the potency of the meal. They could also steal your food and eat it themselves, gaining whatever boost is applicable to said meal.