random conversation with yourself

ME:- a frustrated engineering college student who pursued a BTech degree in IT sector.

It is the 3'o clock in the night on 19th may 2017.Suddenly I woke up and try to write whatever comes to mind.there is so many questions in mind “

MIND: — what type of person you are?
Why you are a reactive person instead of responding?
What did you in last one year?
Why you not thinking about your family’s conditions?

ME: — Hey mind Choudhary is here and now listen carefully..what you say …what I did in last one year then here is the list of all kinds of stuff that I did.
1. I got 33rd position in my semester 1st with 8.10 cgpa
2. I play very well in few games like TT, badminton which I never played before in my life.I started in last year, and now I play better than many friends.
3. I know how to do busy on the internet, I started readings quora, Imgur, medium, Reddit,
Stumble upon and watching Ted talk, youtube video, etc. only from last year.
4. and recently I try to reduce the uses of social media..I don’t use FB from last 20 days, and I feel happy on doing that. One another point I learn how to talk to the girls.And you know now I am not afraid to speak to them :p

MIND: — hey Mr Choudhary what are your parents thinking about you, you see that or not..you remember their promise they believe that you studied very hard and got an at least 9 cgpa in semester 2. could you do that. I think you got just above 8 again.

ME: — Oh hello you know na what I am doing. And I try my best, but the professor doesn’t give good marks even I wrote so many in the exam.

MIND: — HAHAHA….why you blaming professors.Tell me your semester one topper 9.2 cgpa how he got that even your professor are same for both of you.

ME: — I think his writing skills are excellent, maybe professor are impressed and give good marks to him.
MIND: — ohh what a logic man.You don’t do anything with your good writing skills unless you not have good knowledge about your subject and topic.Tell me last thing what you say to your father when he asks about your semester 2 cgpa? On behalf of #promise#9cgpa

ME: -I don’t have any answer………

MIND: — what?Why you still afraid of your father? Why don’t you speak fluently as like when you talk to your friends?
ME: — you really want to know then listen, they creates a fear in me. I still remember when I was in JNV(govt. school one in each district) from 6–12. When I am in a junior hostel(6–8) in class 8th, they suddenly come in my arawali hostel as like always come.And I am sleeping, they woke up me and asking why you were sleeping in before a noon.I was shock and full of fear.I think

why he suddenly comes, but now big concern is that he always check my class notebook because he is #teacher and so many questions, why this was not checked?Why don’t you complete your class work on time?And he saw one copy of my friend of the science subject among my copy. He has completed all work and pa match with my copy. And the face was changed my father and me both.Why you too lazy?Why you don’t do at the time?

That time my box was opened because he checked always whenever come to meet me.there is #dandia which used to play garba in navratri.Why you buy this?Do you come to study here or playing garba? 
And seen again all copy and the point is why you so lazy. They took that bloody #dandia and beat me in front of my junior 6 and 7. from that incident whenever my father come to my school anyone can see them running fast and come to my hostel and informed me that your father comes to in boundary.And give any book to my hand. So my dad seems to me in that position may be they happy and not beat that time. I think that was fear….oh hello Mr. bloody mind you awake??

MIND: -hahaha yup Choudhary…finally I giving advise stopping blaming to all professors,
that’s your father they always think your profit.so don’t blame him again.

ME: — how to talk to my dad fluently without Stammering?

MIND: — think yourself… :)

ME: -what you don’t leave me in this condition..give me advice.
(wait for a while no reply)

ME: -Hello………………….
(no reply)