Humanity comes from heart

“The strength of the words lies in implementation, otherwise they are meaningless” (A mirror to the blind, Biography on Edhi sahib, page 37)

These are the words of the father of a man who take over the world just with his practicality and passion. This was not anyone else but Abdul Sattar Edhi. His father told him that proverb. This can be a leading statement for anyone like Edhi sahib was, who changed with it the meanings of humanity. I also planned so many things, but could not implement them. I am know looking for how Edhi sahib beginning, who just, did not thought to serve humanity, but started it with his limited resources. He help an injured person while going to play a football match. At that time he had nothing. Edhi sahib cured him and bring some food and medicines from home with the help of his mother.

I have not resources now, but I have started to doing work for may aims, for my passion. I want to be a CSP officer and now it is the time that I have to follow Edhi sahib. I want to serve my nation with my abilities and I have started to pursue my aims. I am capable for it its my field. I want to best use of my nation resources. In the past, I did not thought to be a practical man and it was only in my mind to do something. I could not follow my schedule more than one day and left the work in middle. I regret on my mistakes, but time is not over. I can do it, now.

Its is difficult to start working on my aims, but I have started it. Early sleeping and early arising is difficult for me, but I have started doing this. There is a heavy pressure of sleepiness on me, but I am managing it with breaks in work. There are lot of distractions from my friends, but hope so, they will understand me and guide me other than discouraging. There is no short cut in life, so follow the straight way. There are pebbles on way, but the taught you to stand after falling down.