Moving data from PDF file into Excel without using additional Software

Many companies have systematically extracted large amounts of data into PDF files. I know that sometimes it can be overwhelming when someone has sent you 200 pages document in PDF file and expected you to convert it in Excel file without mixing up the rows and columns of each page. Never the less, still it is possible to convert these kind of tables into Excel files and then you can continue to work with the data as required.

Shortly, the conversion process involves first moving the data into a Notepad document and then into an Excel file. In the following paragraphs I will describe the steps that you need to take. Lets begin! :)

As example I took the data from Statistical Annex of European Economy, Spring 2015.

Step 1: Open PDF file and select and copy entire table.

The picture above is the first page of Table 1 Population and labor market from Spring 2015 version of the European Economy Statistical Annex. In order to copy the table, click on Select and drag the cursor to highlight the whole table. Then press Ctrl +C.

Step 2: Copy into Notepad and save as Text document (*.txt)

The picture above shows how your Notepad document suppose to look and don’t forget to save it as a Text document in order to import it in your new Excel file.

Step 3: Find your Notepad document and open it into Excel file

Open a new blank Excel document. After that, go to the Microsoft sign which you can find above the Paste button and click the Open button to find where you saved your Notepad document. Final outcome should look like this…

In the section Characters such as commas or tabs separate each field choose the Delimited option and click the Next button. Afterwards as delimiters you will mark Space together with Tab.

And this is the final result that you will get it. You need to check once again whether your columns and row are correctly assigned, or to delete if there are unwanted rows.

At the end you can see that Table 1- Population and labor market in Excel is exactly the same as PDF file. Congratulations, you have now learned how to convert endless PDF tables into Excel without using additional Software!

That would be all for today.

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