Darling, Mommy Might Die
Sophie Sabbage

Sophie, my mom died of lung cancer when I was 15, and mom always wanted us to feel happy, so nobody ever told my younger brother and I how likely it was she wouldn’t survive through 2009. I still feel like I would have had more deep conversations with her, to squeeze more wisdom, comfort, and love from her as much as I humanly could.

I was unable to find peace and contentment like she had one provided until I met my fiance, 7 years later. She helped me to heal my spirit in ways that my family and friends just weren’t ableto, through open and honest communication and compassion . Love is a true synchronization between two people moving through time together. The honesty and pure love in this article (my favorite since I started using Medium) makes me painfully aware of the infinitely positive things humans are capable of.

Your story is like an alternate retelling of my own story, one where I had grown to understand this frightening addition to my family. I’d say something about keeping on, but you have been doing a cosmic job so far, so why even try?

Thank you.

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