One of “Those” People

In my brief research(ing) of #DH + it’s history I have discovered that DH-ers diligently record everything. Apparently it’s not abnormal to keep receipts on all that you do/have done regarding #DH. So I am joining the club because I want to be that kind of person. Both a DH-er + and organized one. Beginning with this post I will create a *folder of #DH information that I come across, as I come across it.

*I use the term folder to mean “a directory containing related files or documents.”

via Giphy

Bailey, Moya Z. All the Digital Humanists Are White, All the Nerds Are Men, but Some of Us Are Brave

Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative CDHI

Koh, Adeline Race and the Digital Humanities: A Crowdsourced Project List

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Terras, Melissa. For Ada Lovelace Day — Father Busa’s Female Punch Card Operatives