The Pursuit of Money vs Quality of Life Experiences

A journey today with the family, left me in a swirling mix of anger and pity for what our world is becoming. I know perhaps the saying is rather cliché, but I remember back in the day when quality actually meant something to people. When you could actually take someone’s word, and they would follow through with their promise. This seems to be but a shadowed memory of the past. The present seems to be a world driven by numbers. How many can we handle and how much will we make in the process? A person’s word or morales seem to have fallen by the way side while the all mighty dollar rises further and further to the top. What may you ask is the source of my bitterness on this issue? Today was spent with my family at a fairly popular kids gaming/activity place. To begin our day we are met with a blank faced teenager who has been tasked with selling us our entry into said establishment. The kid was pleasant enough, but when I mentioned the promotional deal we wished to purchase (one they had been emailing me about all week) I am met with a sarcastic look and informed that it can only be purchased online. (Mind you the email said nothing of that, only come on in for our big deal.) So finally after sorting out our admission we are steered in the direction of the buffet, all the while we are trying to avoid being trampled by the heard of people literally bumping and pushing you along for what I would call less than subpar pizza and salad. Now I don’t have high standards, especially in a buffet setting, but the food literally could have passed for week old cafeteria leftovers, and even then I don’t think I would insult cafeteria food like that. After our indigestion inducing meal, we were off to the gaming floor where I will admit I was excited to go. Being an avid gamer I find joy in most gaming establishments and looked forward to a day of fun. Boy was I delusional, we spent most of our time awaiting attendants to come and fix games that were not working properly or standing in line for video games that on average only offer a minute or two of play. This is what drove me to my present state of anger and pity. How has our society fallen so far that a simple day out as a family is more similar to cows being led to slaughter? Being forced through line after line only to come to an unclimactic finish. Perhaps if as a whole, we were more concerned with the quality of the product or service we are paying for it would make these shoddy establishments straighten their acts up and become a person/business of their word and morale standing. If not we will continue to be herds of cattle they usher through there poorly maintained over priced establishments.