Part II

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It was a beautiful day in late April, the sun shone softly and the spring air had a chilly bite to it, remnants of a long, cold winter. Jess pulled up at the edge of the hill that gave way to the rocky secluded beach, the tires grumbling over the stubborn pebbles on the path. “We’re here!”, Jess exclaimed as she put the car on park. Alli was already ahead of her climbing out of the car and stretching leisurely. She had changed on the way over and now wore a strappy blue bikini top with a pair of white shorts. “I haven’t been to the beach in too long it feels like!”, she said to no one in particular.

Jess smiled and popped the trunk open to pick up their towels. “Ooh I’ll get it!” Alli sprinted back to the trunk, Jess followed, “I can carry it babe”. “Where’s the bag?” Alli leaned in trying to reach her beach bag which had shifted all the way to back of the trunk during the bumpy drive. Just then the sun glinted through the shaded area surrounded by rocks and ferns and Jess noticed a small blue butterfly tattoo located between the deep dimples of Alli’s lower back. It was beautiful, graceful, dainty; everything she pictured Alli to be. “Got it!”, she grabbed the straps pulling the bag out and shut the trunk. Jess tore her gaze away, “Come! it’s this way!”. Alli eagerly followed.

The secret cove was a few miles walk off the hidden beach, at the bottom of a range of rocky hills. It was a small circular area fenced in by large rocks and stones. If ambitious enough, one could climb back up to the hills using the rocks as footholds but it was a treacherous drop to the bottom. The entrance to the cove was easy to miss if you kept walking along the beach but waves had eaten away at the foundation of the ancient rocks for hundreds of years now and a small entrance had formed that an average sized human could fit through.

Inside the cove, the rough rocky beach led way to smooth golden sand. Waves made their way through the small entrance, touching Alli’s toes softly and making her giggle.

The cove had already been discovered by the local inhabitants and it was teeming with life. The crevices within the rocks housed moss and hermit crabs who scattered as soon as they heard Jess and Alli’s footsteps. A medium sized red crab walked awkwardly to the back of the cove, with it’s pincers raised as if too warn the intruders not to get too close. Seagulls flew over them, some resting on the high rising rocks jutting out of the hill, some standing around gazing at the newcomers curiously.

“Come here, I wanna show you something!” Jess tapped on Alli’s shoulders, who was now distracted with observing a family of hermit crabs making their way slowly to a mossy rock. The smallest crab stumbled and turned over on its side which made Alli giggle. She gently picked it up and set it back on its course and turned to Jess with a wide happy grin on her face, “This place is beautiful!” she squealed, “I can’t believe you never showed me this before!”, she got up and hugged her tightly. “You won’t believe how happy I am at this moment, right here, right now”.

Jess held her tight, her head buried in Alli’s neck, the smell of her floral perfume and raw seaweed filling her senses as waves crashed and seagulls cawed. She didn’t want this moment to pass, ever.


Kevin glanced over from his bedroom window just in time to see the wild colors of the sunset dissipate into a deep evening blue. In front of him on his bed an 18 year old freshman lay naked. “Just be gentle okay?”, she pleaded with him, “I’ve never done this before”.

Kevin met Nikki at a mixer and although he had his eyes on her hotter friends, he knew Nikki would be an easy lay. He liked the baby fat that still padded her face and thighs, making her insecure and an easy prey. She was cute by all means but Kevin could see she felt invisible surrounded by her tanned and toned friends. He had made his way over to the crowd, charming each of her sorority sisters but then laying his eyes just on her. He got her drinks and stayed focused on her all night while she babbled on about everything from her dog back home to her sudden bouts of seizures. They made out heavily that night, Kevin pushing her boundaries little by little until his fingers were inside her panties.

If it wasn’t for one of the sorority sisters who decided to end the fun and tore a very drunk Nikki away, giving Kevin a knowing look, he would have ended the deal that night. Kevin didn’t give up though, he tracked Nikki down and eventually got her number. One week later, here he was, about to collect his prize.

“I’ll be gentle baby”, he said as he lowered himself onto her. He thrust himself inside at once while grabbing her tightly by the hips so she couldn’t free herself. She yowled like an animal and started crying as Kevin sped up, pounding harder. “Please stop! it fucking hurts!”, she wriggled wildly in vain clawing at the sheets. The waves of pain made her nerves tingle and filled her eyes with tears. She thought Kevin didn’t hear her when she said stop so she tried to bear the pain until he was done. She didn’t want her first time, their first time to be weird or awkward. This can’t go on forever, Nikki thought as she cried silently into the sheets. Her screams and resistance made Kevin feel even more charged, he knew the other brothers in the house could hear him dominating this girl. He knew he was the top dog and nothing could change that. After twenty long minutes Kevin climaxed, ejaculating on a lifeless Nikki’s back.

The room was dark now as the evening light faded, Kevin pulled on his sweats and walked downstairs towards the kitchen.

It would be hours until the realization that she was dead would dawn upon him, he would never remember that Nikki had said she suffers from bouts of seizures which was the primary reason for her sudden passing. He would only focus on self preservation given the circumstances surrounding her death, making the aftermath of the incident even more horrifying than his brain could presently fathom.


She slowly looked up, her eyes meeting Jess’s as they both realized that this was this moment, the moment they had both imagined in their minds for months but had never felt brave enough to break the invisible barrier. Finally here it was; undeniable and beyond a doubt, the feelings they both held for each other reflected in their eyes. Jess leaned down and met Alli’s lips for the first time pulling her closer.

It felt like kismet, it felt like fireworks; it felt like everything culminating for all these months that they had both denied themselves coming to an explosive finale as their lips finally met. “I love you Alli”, Jess held Alli’s face with both hands and looked into her eyes, Alli’s lips were redder than usual and her cheeks flushed a warm pink from the sudden outburst of passion. The sun was setting behind them and the rising high tide had started bringing frenzied waves in to the cove. With nowhere to go, the trapped water rose, now swirling and hissing at their feet.

Alli gazed back at Jess leaning in for another long passionate kiss. Jess’s tongue entered Alli’s mouth and her hand slipped under the slinky bikini top, squeezing and kneading her supple breasts. “I want you Alli, I wanna make you my girl”, Jess whispered seductively as her thumb circled the soft skin of her sternum. “I want you too”, Alli whispered back. She felt as wild as the waves swirling around them, her desire for Jess stronger than ever now, “But I just don’t know, I mean I’ve never, I’ve never been with a girl before”, she started pulling away. The water was up above their ankles now but neither of them noticed. She stood facing Jess keeping a few feet of distance between them. Her hair blew wildly in the wind as the setting sun left swirls of fiery oranges, reds and pinks on the sky like a painter gone berserk with the blazing colors on his palette. It took a few moments for a bewildered Jess to take in this maddening beauty before realizing they were in grave danger.

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