Earth Day Experience

Every year we dedicate one day to the earth, which is april 21st. I remember when I was younger, that even some channel companies, such as disney and nickelodeon, made their own campaign. Their most famous artists would make promotion by commercials or even a song, such as Send It On, also they will incite people to be part of a universal blackout. As well there are many companies that help recycling, working in projects that will help stop the growth of climate change, or even taking care of animals, and plants. There are many ways to help, and promote it. But the thing is that after this day what? We do nothing? No. This day is to make aware of the problems, and what can we do to keep OUR dear planet in conditions so WE can live. Something that people don’t get is that WE need Earth, EARTH does NOT need US. That’s why, even though there is only one official day for this, the work we need to make to make earth a better place to live is not for just one day. It’s a constant work, help, awareness and actions we have to make, that even in someway it becomes a lifestyle.

For my course of Art, Design and Technology, we have to make different projects depending on the area we were chosen to be. In my case, I was on the team of Activation. Our work was to use art, design or technology to make activities, that make awareness of this day, or that we promote recycling. So we decided to make two activities, palm oil and your world. This activities were based on what we know, research and the film “Before the Flood”, a documentary of climate change in which Leonardo Dicaprio was staring. So the activities consisted to make an impact and the people to get to know one big problem that cause climate change, the deforestation for palm oil. We all know that deforestation has a huge impact not only for climate change, but also for the over consumed we make, we need each more trees, that we don’t have.

When we think of this, usually we think that the tree will be used to make paper, or furnitures, but that is not the case for palms. Over the years, there have be a huge demand on a very specific product, palm oil. This is product is used in EVERYTHING, well not everything but in must of them. Some examples are ice creams, cookies, chocolates, Ketchum, Pop Tarts, Cereals, popcorns, Cokes, nutella, McDonald’s, nail polish soaps, makeup, deodorant and , detergents. As I say, this are just some of the long list of products they use it. The only “good” news is not all the brands/products they sell on the supermarket have palm oil, but the most famous brands are the ones who have.

So for the Palm Oil activity, we decided to get some of the products I have mentioned, to see how many do we consumed in a week, so then they know that they are helping to deforestation unconsciously palm trees. So the activity had to fases. In the first one, they need to choose all the products they use in a week, after we count them. Then we past to phase two. In this phase they have to put in a representation of the world we made, they mark, which consisted of their fingerprint with black or red painting. If you get a few products, you’ll get the red, but if there are many, you’ll get the black. And at the end we explained that all this products have palm oil, and that thanks to this there is a lot of deforestation.

The second activity, your world, it was a more artistic and relax. It consisted on making your own necklace from a weird kind of dough, but when it is dry it is like a rock. So here, the people have to paint a message, or a world with green and blue. This is so you can have like a part of the world with you wherever you go. As well so you remember that the world need us to help it recover, and that we have to do it daily, not just once a year.

To prepare this, we not only get the products or the mass, and make the world. We work for two or three weeks on this. The world was made out of a yoga kind of ball. Then we cover it with two or three newspaper layers. Then with two recycle white papers layers. After that a coat of white painting. When it was all dry, we draw the divisions between the land and the water, so at the end we finish painting two or three coats of green and blue painting. Then for Your World activity, the mass was homemade, with salt, flour, and water. We made the form of the necklace pendant, and we put them on the oven. Also, we had to made the decoration for our stand, for this we get a white cloth and we made some letters of our team, which was leaving a mark, and the activities’ tittles. For the title Leaving a Mark, we made them from magazines or newspaper. And the activities’ ones were made from color papers, and with strings so they seem they where hanging.

As a viewer, I enjoy hearing the musicians play some songs outdoors, play with the VR, take a video to make a gif, seeing the video we participated, planting a three by searching something in the internet and more. In all we show how our world is, and how much we need it. But also that if contribute, and work in a team we can make a difference and cause an impact.

We decided to put it Leaving a Mark, because everybody in one way or another contributes to destroy earth, or to fight the damage. So we can leave a destructive black mark or a helpful and hopeful green mark. As I said before, it is our responsibility to help earth, so we can help us. Because at the end of all we are the ones living on the earth, the earth can continue with or without us. Earth wasn’t made to be destroy, exploited, damage. It was made to have life, incredibly and different environments, to demonstrate us the beauty of nature. Earth is our home, and we have to take care of it.

So… What we need to understand this? Until what point will we let Earth deteriorate so we take action? When will we take responsibility of the damage we are making?