Paula Scher, a graffic designer speciallized on typography, is one of the most influence designers on the decades. Even though his father hated art, she felt in love with typogrphy when she studied illustration in Tyler School of Art.

In the whole episode, she show us how is her usual day working on Petagram, a company she started with some friends. As well, she show us some projects she work on in the past, they success and non success. But all this to show a point “Typography is part of the identity of a poster or a place”.

“Typography can have an inmense power you work creating character, with weight, height.”
“You can create an identity for a whole place based on recognizability of type.”
“Designs live beyond the screen. It has an impact in real life.”

These are some quotes she says during the episode, which support the main idea. But it is important to remark that she learned from her experiences, such as creating the name and giving a unique typography, designing covers for CBs Records at the 70’s, that her cover of Bostons was called dumb, and after the succes of noise funk, she started doing poster with simple serif typography, feeling like she was depressed.

But more importantly for her, was the satisfaction she have when she showed her final results, when she can play with the design, create her own font styles.

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