What does my voice look like?

Personally, I haven’t taught too much about this question. But, right now, I think I see my voice in colors, specifically on waves. Depends on how and what I say, It’s the color the waves have.

If I’m angry and I start screaming, I see it a very strong red. But if I’m angry and I talk in a “jocking” sarcarsm, I think the waves will be a combination of red, some blue and a light yellow. And If I say thinks in a funny way and I’m happy, I see it orange and yellow.

As well, as we play with tones, emotions and words to express ourselves and we representedon colorful waves, we can use other ways. Social media, help us express more than we think.

Sharing a video from some other acount on Facebook, retweeting a funny quote on Twitter, sending a selfie to your friends on Snapchat, commenting a picture on Instagram, those are ways to express yourself. Even though you don’t say it or write it directly, You share it because it had a reaction on you. Maybe you like the quote because you felt identified, or you laughed so damn hard seeing a video. With this we share our thoughts, our emotions.

Is the same with bloging, we prepare, shoot, write and publish all to have a reaction from the people. Because we want to share our opinions, express ourselves, we want to be heard. This way of expression is more directly than the others I mention, and in a way, it’s more personal. And when the public respond with comments, then the talking and discusion begins, just like if we were saying it.

In conclusion, blogging is a colorful talking. Blogging is another mouth of us, another way to be you.