Act. #1

  • Think of a memory that your remember vividly. — A memory that I remember very well, is one when i was 6 years old, I still believed that Santa Claus gave me presents. So in Christmas I received my first gameconsole, I was so happy and excited. This moment is of those moments I just couldn´t forget for the many feelings it made me felt.

Act. #2

  • Favorite films- The think that these movies have in common is that they are all fiction movies.
  • Harry Potter: I think I connect with this movie for the friendship that Harry has with his two main Friends, that they are so together in every situation.
  • Spiderman: This is my favorite movie of superhéroes, I think I identify myself by the way that is spiderman, his mood and his nobility.
  • Avengers: I think I identify myself for the same reason that the one of Harry Potter, but adding that I like a lot the fact that they are all Friends and how they fight together for justice.

Act. #3

  • Harry Potter: What if there is another type of school of magicians?
  • Spiderman: What if an insect gives you superpowers?
  • Avengers: What if superhumans join together versus villians?

Act. #4

  • Part A: Return to your 3 films. Identify the worlds and characters in each. Write these down.
    Who are the main characters? Harry Potter, Peter Parker, Superheroes
    Is there a character you identify with most? Peter Parker
    Where does the movie take place? Is it one world or multiple worlds? One
  • Part B: Try mixing a character and world from different movies. Try this a few times and see what happens. Harry Potter in the world of avengers, or Spiderman in the world of Harry Potter.
  • Part C: Return to your three “what if” statements from the previous exercises. Pick your favorite one. Can you imagine a possible character and world? What if a magical insect gives you superpowers? 
    Part D: (optional) Draw or write about what life would be like in this world. Peter Parker was living when he was only 8 years old in hogwartts, when a magical spider bit him and become a superhéroe, that only he could beat voldemort. This spider, thanks of being from hogwartts, gave Peter not only superpowers of reflexes and super strenght but also he could made mage with his hands.