How far will we go to censor our speech?

Words deemed deplorable by both the state and the majority of citizens in this great nation are censored on nearly television stations and the radio. Our expression is most often guided away from being true to ourselves with the fear that maybe one day people, not just artists, will have the desire and the freedom to say what they really want. We should be able to say whatever want, whenever we want. The United States was founded of the principle on the idea of freedom, the idea to pursue happiness and the pure liberty that comes with that pursuit. I didn’t choose to be born here, but I was lucky enough to be.

However, there’s no reason that those who govern should be able to choose what rights to ignore. Those rights were given to me.

Bottom line: let people say mean things on the internet. When we start taking the right to say horrible things away, we start taking away the right to say something positive too. You can’t choose what is okay. It’s all or nothing.


(unfinished possibly, but possibly finished)

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